Quality is our hallmark. Our customers, with whom we have long-standing relationships, are a testimony of their trust in our quality.

We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company with a strong quality management system to monitor and ensure quality parameters throughout the production process.

Our dependable methods and work?ow control guarantees that quality stays the highest priority for us always.

Our Quality Policy:

We at Navagraha spares no effort to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our quality department sees to it that the quality parameters are adhered to by our team. Random quality checks ensure quality at all levels. Quality assurance is a never ending process at Navagraha.

We do this by:
- Partnering with our customers to provide cost-effective, timely & world-class printing.
- Seeking active involvement & participation of Employees at all levels.
- Actively investigating & investing in Technology to continually improve Quality & Productivity.
- Treating Vendors as Partners.
- Ensuring complete fairness in all transactions & compliance to all legal & statutory requirements.
- Contributing to the Society at large.

Various checks are in place from inception to completion of a job to ensure quality:

Prepress Stage:

- Files checked & correctable errors such as missing bleeds, incorrect colour-space/profiles, etc. corrected.
- Imposition planned to ensure proper folding, creep adjustment etc. Impose diagram handed over for output.
- Files processed by RIP checked against signed-off proofs & imposition diagrams before making plates.

Printing Stage:

- Ink densities maintained to standards and grey balance achieved for OK sheet.
- Both above parameters maintained within tight control limits throughout press run to ensure consistency.

Postpress Stage:
- Initial copies checked against signed-off proof for conformance in various respects before full production.
- Sampling methodology used for quality-check of finished products.

Our Post Press Quality checking module ensures that any print that leaves our premises are ?awless. No error goes unnoticed. We just don’t let the print go if it is not on par with our stringent norms. Our customers vouch for our Quality and Services, and our customers list speaks for itself.